On Headhunters And The Changes In The Job Market

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The competition for great talent has become more intense over the years. Thanks to improvements in technology and a lot of things to be learned in schools, colleges and universities, jobseekers have now become more knowledgeable in a lot of things. The new knowledge and skills that jobseekers have acquired over the years prompt employers to also increase their standards when it comes to selecting the right people to fill various posts at the workplace.

Unfortunately, the new standards being set by employers in hiring new workers have resulted in higher costs. This is due to the fact that the process has been prolonged since new standards have been introduced. The lengthened process with talent acquisition units of companies means incurring larger costs.

To offset the costs and the long process, companies are now outsourcing some of their talent acquisition requirements to independent headhunters. Headhunters are entities that are engaged in the recruitment of the right workers to fill in posts in their clients offices. Headhunters are differentiated from recruitment agencies by the fact that the workers who will be hired by their clients will not be bound by any contract with them.

Toronto headhunters primarily perform the initial screening process of a clients set of applicants. They will be the ones charged with administering the sets of examinations that will determine an applicants suitability for the post. They also conduct the initial interview of the applicants, asking them basic job interview questions.

When the initial screening is done, Toronto recruiters will then submit their recommendations to the client, who will perform the remaining steps before hiring the applicant. The client will be paying the headhunter a specified amount for the services rendered. The cost of outsourcing some human resources functions of a company to headhunters is much lower compared to doing everything in-house.

Retail management recruiters and other headhunters are aware of the competition among job applicants and among employers. Through the functions that they perform, they are able to sift through the applicants and find the one best suited to the vacant position that their client corporations have. Headhunters are there to stay as long as companies would tap their services for a lot of new human resources functions that arise due to the changes in the job market that happen over time.
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On Headhunters And The Changes In The Job Market

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This article was published on 2011/01/18