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Quebec immigration process is jointly controlled by the Government of Quebec and Federal Canada. In order to immigrate to Quebec, the applicants and their dependents have to qualify under the set eligibility criteria and other requirements for clearance.

The selection process for the business migrants is conducted by the Quebec government. This process of assessment is governed by the eligibility criteria which have been devised to serve the purpose of immigration. For this, the applicant must qualify under any one among the three immigration programs which are meant for the businessmen. These are the investor, entrepreneur and the self - employed workers categories.

In order to get a clearance, the applicant must apply for a Selection Certificate and clear the interview for this purpose. If the applicant clears the interview, he would be awarded a Certificat de sélection du Québec or the Quebec Selection Certification. This is the official documentation which is given by the Government of Quebec without which an applicant cannot be permitted to enter the province.

For entry, the Federal Canada is responsible for the giving an approval for entrance. Only those are approved who have been selected by the province of Quebec. After receiving a Quebec Selection Certificate, the applicant has to apply for permanent residence. This requires them to clear medical examinations and other security aspects. If the family members of the applicant would also be accompanying him; all the applications must be filed together.

The entry is restricted if the health of the applicant or any of his family members pose a major threat to the local public or would cost too much on the local health services. This is despite receiving a Quebec Selection Certificate.

Post arrival in Quebec, the applicant obtains his status as a permanent resident. This entitles him with all the rights that a Canadian citizen has. However, he is not eligible to vote or to claim a Canadian passport. Post three years of residing in Canada as a permanent resident, he can apply for a citizenship.

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Selection and Admission For Quebec!

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This article was published on 2010/04/17